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LaunchIt continuously adapts its programming, services and partnerships to meet the needs of rural businesses and community members in our region.

We provide local access to workshops, events, lunch and learns, workplace training resources, and custom business development support.

Our “always available” programs are ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to take action on their ideas.

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Digital Main Street (DMS) focuses on assisting bricks and mortar businesses with their adoption of technology. The program provides training, advisory support, and acess to a $2,500 digital transofmriation grant.

Visit www.digitalmainstreet.ca for more info and reach out to Nelia Ricardo-Wodiary, Digital Service Squad Rep for Mapleton, Minto and Wellington North, at dss.neliarw@gmail.com to set up a meeting.  


Bringing the right people together at the right time can have a lasting impact on personal growth and business development.

LaunchIt’s Business Mentorship Program matches new business owners with experienced business owners who have expertise in your industry or with skills to meet your specific challenges.

Ask An Advisor

LaunchIt hosts advisors across a range of personal and professional support areas.

Our experts offer one-on-one virtual guidance at no cost (seriously!) to help you move forward in your life or business.

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As a small business owner you have legal obligations when it comes to the health and safety of your workplace. But it’s not just about the law. A sound workplace health and safety program will also ensure the growth of your business.

Our robust easy to use small business centre has the tools to help you stay on track with health and safety information relevant to your small business. Stay on track with our safety checklist and then follow our road map to help address your legal requirements and occupational health and safety (OHS) gaps and concerns.

Need specific resources or programming?
Let us know and we’ll help arrange it!