digital main street

Digital Main Street is a program and service that helps main street businesses achieve digital Transformation.

The program is built around an online learning platform, structured training programs, and the Digital Service Squad; a team of highly trained recent graduates who help main street businesses grow and manage their business through the adoption of digital tools and technology.

Along with the Learning Centre and Service Squad, Digital Main Street has also given out 2,200 grants worth $2,500 each to eligible local businesses. These grants have given local businesses the opportunity to adopt, test or market with new tools and technology they might not have otherwise.

Minto has had a total of 12 businesses apply for the $2,500 grant. Representing a potential of $30,000 coming to the community of Minto for digital transformation.

Outside of the grant applications Ethan Schwandt (our service squad member) has had the pleasure and ability to work with 20+ of our local businesses helping them with technology. Together they have worked on everything from Facebook ads to website optimization to simply setting up a Facebook page!

All of these businesses have benefited from the Digital Main Street grant program and will hopefully see dividends from this program down the road.

Ethan has said it’s been an absolute pleasure to work in Minto and he is very thankful and proud of his time here thus far.

Stay tuned for stories of digital transformation from Minto businesses!

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