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Success Story: Ag Business & Crop

Nov 5, 2019

For the past number of years, Felix Weber has explored new technological and agricultural practices that would increase the productivity of his operation as well as for clients of his consulting company, Ag Business and Crop Inc. (established in 2005). While researching effective ways to monitor crops using aerial imagery, he became the distributor for senseFly products in Canada. As an early innovator of UAV’s in agriculture, Felix has been a presenter at numerous agricultural events across the country including the Ontario Institute of Agrology, Innovative Farmers Ontario, Precision Farmers Ontario, among many others. He has been featured in several Publications such as Better Farming, Grain News, Ag Professional, Alberta Farmer Express, Ag Canada, etc. Felix also has his private pilot’s licence.

Ag Business and Crop Inc. have been very fortunate to have access to LaunchIt. By being in contact with a professionals in our own community we have been able to access a wealth of expertise that has been invaluable to our growth. Our mentor helped address our particular growth needs, and we are more confident in what direction we are going and how we are able to expand. The short courses and business lunches keep us informed on many topics and are short enough to fit into a busy schedule but in depth, and concise enough, to provide valuable information and help.

Felix & Bernice Weber

Ag Business and Crop Inc.

Felix is a Farm Credit Canada AgExpert Certified Advisor, a Certified Technical Agrologist with the Ontario Institute of Agrology and a member of Agri-Trend. More recently, Felix has been invited by OMAFRA to lead a working group regarding the use and implementation of UAV’s for Agriculture in Ontario.Ag Business & Crop Inc. added UKKO a division of ABC to the company to appeal to the commercial market. The division was added to clarify our sales and service was for all commercial markets in Eastern Canada and not only the agricultural market. The Wintex Soil Sampler is a branch of the company that is in the beginning stage of being introduced to the Canadian market.


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