Because of the “Save Your Energy” Lunch & Learn with Westario Power held at LaunchIt on Tuesday, April 26th.  CarStar and Minto Auto attended this event and are happy to report that because of it, Carstar was able to find the source of their problem resulting in a $300 per month savings.


We have made a lot of use of LaunchIt Minto!  We are making changes in our business and LaunchIt has been a tremendous help in setting us up and getting the proper forms and permits.  I don't know how else we could have done it.  Please give all the support you can to LaunchIt, this is a wonderful service and virtual for the community. - John Neilman


Loved Customizing your sales strategy with Judi Riddolls.  She is an informative, engaging speaker.  Thanks for offering such great training at LaunchIt. 


I didn’t want it to be over, I learned so much and was inspired to push forward with my business.  Thank you!


Just wanted to say a great big thank you for allowing me to come to Launch It to learn how to utilize Facebook for my business. I was very confused, fearful and definitely not comfortable with using Facebook. In a relatively short period of time, you erased many of my fears and guided me on how to proceed to promote my self- care business. I still have lots to learn but you guided me in the right direction on how to move forward.  At one point, something had happened to my fb account, I called you and you “made” time to see me and remove my fears about what had happened rather than make me wait and feel apprehensive about what had happened.   Just wanted to say a great big thank you for providing a much-needed service to those of us not computer savvy. As a senior citizen trying to progress in this “computer world”, many things seem daunting not having had the opportunity to learn computer skills earlier.
Respectfully submitted, - Barb Richmond


While a tenant at LaunchIt Minto the staff was always pleasant and provided anything, we required in a timely manner.  Having a presence at LaunchIt allowed us to be more engaged within the community and close by to assist while the construction project was taking place. -Triton


To whom it may concern. 
My small business partner Cathy and I We're both floundering.   We knew that online media, Facebook was a good source to use to promote our baby blanket business.  What we did not know was how to access this opportunity.  I had started to attend WOWSA meetings In 2014. Found them extremely helpful and educational.  That is where I met Somer Gerber.  I explained to her the problems Cathy and I were having.  She offered to set up a training session for us.   She was the most helpful person we had come in contact with so far. She was patient, knowledgeable, and so helpful.  Every time we contacted her to ask another "dumb" question. She helped.  What a wonderful opportunity for me as a resident of Wellington North, to be able to have contact with Launch it, WOWSA and Somer.
My feeling is, keep the program going, for people that want to start a small business, but do not know how. Also, the support for women is rare and valuable. - Kay Ayres


Ag Business & Crop members have had the opportunity to attend a wide range of training sessions at the LaunchIt program.  It has been fantastic for us as we have training locally with superb instructors.  One session we attended was about sales which is our companies primary objective. This session affirmed what our overall approach has been but was great in helping us refine some of the things we have been doing. To have an instructor there that can modify their talk to the needs of their particular audience, answer questions and offer invaluable insights is fantastic.   We are also really fortunate that Somer always makes sure that we are aware of things that will be of particular interest to us, helps keep us clued into other things that would be an asset for us to know.   Recently Ag Business & Crop Inc. was chosen out over 3400 applicants as one of 10 regional winners of the Globe and Mail Small Business Challenge.  We feel that the LaunchIt program contributed to that success and we encourage anyone we meet to also be involved.