Lead Left Productions

Morgan Janssen is the owner and operator of Lead Left Productions, a music business which opened in June of 2013. Lead Left plans events, as well as puts on shows with bands or as a DJ. They also have the ability to record music and make videos.

Morgan has been in bands for over 20 years, and has played in many shows and Battle of the Band competitions around Ontario. He has also helped to plan events such as baseball tournaments, a pig roast and a song writer’s challenge. He also organizes his own event called Bands & Boards. Morgan has developed his organizational skills as a Production Specialist with Toyota for over 12 years. Morgan’s musical background affords him the ability to communicate musicians about shows, and they feel comfortable around him because they know he has been in their shoes and he can relate to what they are going through. He aims to be fair to both the bands and the venues, and people respect him because he keeps his word.

Morgan helped local actor Chad Schnider on a movie set, which reminded him of how much fun he had in high school taking drama and music, and inspired him to get back into what he loved – entertainment. There are not many entertainment businesses in the area that will act as a liaison for shows and musicians rights. 

Morgan enjoys planning his own events, but he is also willing to work with others to plan their events.
Morgan believes that Minto was the obvious choice to launch his business because of the established creative culture here. He recognizes people’s need to showcase their skills, especially for young kids. Whether these talents are musical, scientific, or even extreme sports, there aren’t very many events that will cater to these types of skills. Morgan wanted to use his organizational skills to give back to the community by hosting a variety of unique events. In the future, he hopes to continue to create new events with the residents of Minto in mind, as well as trying to bring a few new ideas to the area. He plans to build a full recording studio, and get away from the ‘home studio’ he is using now because even though he is currently getting great results, he would love a proper studio to work out of.

You can contact Lead Left Productions at;
14 William St. S
Clifford, ON
Facebook: Morgan Janssen & Lead Left Productions
Twitter: @MorganJanssen