Laser Magic

Bob Robinson is the Owner/Operator of Laser Magic, where he does custom laser engraving and cutting. Bob can engrave a design of your choosing on a variety of mediums including; glass, wood, stone, marble, plastic, and anodized aluminum. He has done pictures and portraits on mugs and glasses, water bottles, garden stones, and cupboard doors, as well as creating stencils, name tags, and pet memorials. His shop is full of samples, which makes it easy to envision exactly what you want. 

Bob started laser engraving as a hobby, and quickly learned to love it. He chose to turn his passion into a business because he was ready for a change of pace, and he was looking for more flexible hours. Laser Magic is different from other businesses in the Minto area because it is a newer service that allows the consumer great versatility. He chose to launch his business in Minto because he has started to call Minto home, and there is little to no competition for him here. He believes that he provides a service that could be a great asset to the community. Laser  Magic has no set hours, and is by appointment only.