Incus Forge

Ivan Thoms - Incus Forge

Incus Forge is a small blacksmith shop owned and operated by Ivan Thoma.  He grew up in Switzerland and after finishing school he had the tremendous opportunity to apprentice under one of the old masters of blacksmith/farrier.

In 1996 he made the move to Canada and began work as a metal fabricator.  The job paid the bills while he continued artistic blacksmithing as a hobby.  Over time his passion for the craft grew alongside his skill and expertise.  He shifted his job to part-time and began to build Incus Forge in 2017.

Incus Forge specializes in artistic ironwork, repair and fabrication.  He takes on commissions for custom failing and balconies.  He creates garden art and household items which are both functional and beautiful.  He attributes the ease of starting his business to the support provided by both the program and the people at LaunchIt Minto.