Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring


Gordon Blyth and Caroline Paquet are the President and Director of Operations, respectively, of GCRS Inc. Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring. Officially opening on November 1st, 2010, they specialize in Retail Flooring and Tile, as well as Interior Renovation. Together, their backgrounds range from Marketing, to Fine Carpentry, and Industrial Design.

Gordon has always worked for himself, and Caroline chose to team up with him to help grow their business, while still having the option of maintaining a high level of control over their lives. Their business differs from other businesses because they make the effort to build individual relationships with each customer, while maintaining high quality products and workmanship. Each of the employees at Cover-Ups has the same desire to bring the best service to customers, while building those same personal relationships. All of their employees have experience in the renovation industry.

In the future, Gordon and Caroline would like to grow their business to be successful and profitable enough that it would appeal to a future buyer, when they are ready to retire. The hope to build a great team, which would allow the business to practically run itself. While Cover-Ups Flooring is actually just outside of Minto, in Centre Wellington, they do get a lot of business from Minto. Gordon and Caroline live in Minto and they like the area because they have the advantage of being able to avoid competition from big box stores, and because the people here care for their community and want to grow and protect it. Gordon and Caroline are proud to call Minto their home, and to offer the best service possible to the people here.

Cover-Ups Carpet and Flooring can be contacted at either their Fergus or Arthur locations.