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The Business Flight Program has three core parts:

  1. Pre Flight Checklist and Assessment
  2. The Runway Program
  3. Flight Management

Every participant in the BFP will have access to LaunchIt resources, be paired with a mentor and receive access for the owner and employees to the LaunchIt Business Skills Development Program.

1. Pre-Flight Checklist and Assessment

Many businesses fail when they don’t have to.  As an entrepreneur you have a dream, you have the technical skills and you want to soar to great heights. Getting there often means navigating around or through turbulence.  The BFP is here to help you increase your visibility, develop your team, grow your network and more.

Step 1 - Information Session

The first step to getting involved with the BFP is to attend an information session at LaunchIt Minto to learn about the program, how it can help you and to help you determine if this program is a fit for your business. This session is 60 minutes long and will help both you and LaunchIt determine what services are most vital for you to prepare for flight.  

Step 2 - Self Assessment

Each and every business is different. By taking time to assess where you are in business and what you need help with most, LaunchIt Minto can assist you where you need it. This is an opportunity for you to review your current operations and discover the direction you are heading.

Step 3 - Mentor Assessment

LaunchIt has a roster of very successful business people who want to help you be as successful as possible in your business. Our mentors have a wealth of knowledge spread over many different industries. A mentor will visit your business, meet with you and review your business confidentially. The mentor will then complete the same assessment that you have for yourself.  

Both the mentor and self assessment can be repeated quarterly to see your progress and to help identify new areas that you would like to improve.

Step 4 - Taxi To the Runway

From the Pre-Flight Checklist and Assessment we will create a plan to get you to the skills development program, mentorship program, connections, resources and partner referrals to help you accelerate for take off.

2. The Runway Program

The Runway Program helps you to take flight.  By utilizing the various elements of this program you will accelerate towards your goal of more revenue, more profit and a better business. 

Space in the Runway program is currently limited to 10 businesses at one time. 

Skills Development Program

Each entrepreneur and each business needs to keep learning new skills and growing. To help with that, LaunchIt Minto arranges a series of training seminars to help develop skills for BFP members and their employees. 

As a member of the BFP each business can send one person to each skills development session at no charge. This can be the owner or an employee. Type of skills for each session vary and who each would best fit within your team can attend. 

Mentorship Program

Our mentors have all been through what you are in the middle of right now. They have run successful businesses and are wanting to share their knowledge to help you succeed. 

A mentor is there for you to bounce ideas off of, help you think through different challenges, new ventures or just listen. There is a lot of research that shows businesses with a mentor succeed more often than those that do not.  Our mentor team can assist you in many ways. 


  • Peer2Peer networks give member companies and their employees the opportunity to collaborate with peers, explore common challenges, exchange advice and compare experiences. Once per month for one hour members of the BFP will meet and be lead through a session where each member can bring forward an issue and discuss it with peers. Note: industry specific Peer2Peer groups are also developing. We can help you organize one for your industry.
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership. If you want to talk directly to a wider business audience in Minto and area, form relationships to help your business succeed and make contacts that can open new doors, purchasing a Minto Chamber Membership is exactly what you need. The Chamber of Commerce is a founding partner of LaunchIt Minto and provides countless networking and promotional opportunities for business. A Chamber membership is not part of the BFP but is a highly recommended membership for any business looking for success in Minto.

Increased Visibility

All new BFP members will be invited to promote themselves to a Chamber of Commerce board meeting or event. Through LaunchIt there are many opportunities to promote your business.

LaunchIt Minto will work with you to determine the best mediums for promotion and direct you to the ideal sponsorship opportunities for your business, presentation areas and help you get seen.

LaunchIt Resources

LaunchIt facilities are available to members of the BFP to reserve when they need them. 

High speed Internet, office space, meeting rooms, 70” smart TV for training, meetings for presentations, professional copier/printer, whiteboard and a great location are available to impress potential or current clients. 

Partner Referrals

From the LaunchIt offices we can connect you to lenders, business advisors, investor networks and specialized Incubator programs throughout Wellington County, Grey County, Bruce County, Huron County and Waterloo Region.

Our partners include Innovation Guelph, Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre, Saugeen Business Development Corporation, Waterloo-Wellington Community Futures Development Corporation, Wellington County, Town of Minto, Minto Chamber of Commerce, all 12 members of the Guelph Innovation Network, and more. 

3. Flight Management

Every good flight requires a lot of people to succeed. From pilots to flight attendants, baggage handlers, air traffic controllers, maintenance workers and of course customers. 

Your business is the same. For very small businesses one person may fill many or all of those roles. For slightly bigger businesses managing how those roles all work together may be the biggest obstacle to success. Along the way every business will encounter a bit of turbulence.  

Flight Management is an extension of  The Runway Program. As you continue the flight of your business LaunchIt Minto will continue to provide you with the services and resources you need to navigate to new heights with more advanced services such as an Advisory Board, more in depth Mentorship programs and new services as you require them.

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