Calvin Frey

Calvin Frey, Owner of Innovative Print & Design has been a long time supporter of LaunchIt Minto.  After starting Innovative Print in 2008 Calvin purchased Kimbal Printing.  He wanted to keep a presence in the community and the LaunchIt Minto retail space was a perfect way for the business to maintain a presence while still testing the viability and potential to grow in the community.  Well, grow they did!  Doubling their staff in a few short months and outgrowing the LaunchIt location.  

In June 2015 Innovative Print moved to their new, permanent Minto location - 4 Elora St. N Harriston in a beautifully renovated and spacious building to service all of your Printing and Design needs.  

Currently Innovative Print has 40 employees and 3 locations including: Harriston, Millbank and Waterloo.  Calvin's keen community and business sense is a valuable asset around our board room table.